Yuso boost DRT performances in Great Paris area

RATP Dev and the GPS&O public community located in Great Paris area wanted to update their DRT service by replacing its former dispatch tool.

Their aim was to upgrade the user experience to meet the highest standards of the mobility industry and enhance performances of this subsidised public transport.

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Since 2019, RATP Dev has chosen Yuso among 15 technologies to replace the current booking and dispatch tool for a first Demand Responsive Transport service. Only one month after the launch, this swipe enabled +20% more passengers to benefit from the DRT service without additional resources. This significant growth has been enabled by Yuso algorithm that improved pooling rate ie cost per passenger per kilometre. The technological tool swipe has been made without any service interruption.

Yuso is notably powerful in medium and low density areas thanks to its dynamic planning algorithms optimising both in advance and immediate bookings. Yuso also digitized the Tamy service, enabling passengers to book their rides 24/24h 7/7d in few clicks thanks to IOS and Android apps and to mobile and desktop web interface.

Tamy is a DRT service operated by RATP Dev on behalf of Grand Paris S&O public authority, gathering 73 communes, mostly rural, with a total of 405,000 inhabitants on a +500 square km area.

RATP Dev is a subsidiary of RATP Group, the world’s fifth-largest transportation company. They run and maintain tens of thousands of kilometres of subway, bus, tram, and urban or intercity rail lines around the world. They are the transportation operator for Paris and the surrounding region, managing 12 million trips a day on one of the world’s densest and most multi-modal transportation networks.

To learn more about how Yuso enabled to enhance DRT and how it can be a game changer for your DRT services and disabled people transport services, contact us.

additional passengers carried within a month following transition


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