Just-Eat, the FoodTech leader, develops its Food-Delivery service

Two years ago and after testing different dispatch technologies, Just Eat finally chose Yuso to develop its own delivery service to Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The objective of Just Eat was to have a quick solution to set up and customizable that can adapt to the specificities of each country with as common prerogatives:

  • to improve the customer experience with real-time ETA calculations
  • to reduce delivery time through process automation and a 100% auto-dispatch
  • to increase the productivity of the couriers thanks to algorithms allowing the pooling of orders in real time.

Use Case

The Just Eat Group is one of the world's leading food delivery companies, operating in 13 countries and 4 continents. Yuso participates in the development of Just Eat's delivery service that it offers to its partner restaurants in 3 countries, with an upcoming launch in Denmark and Norway. With more than 2,000 active drivers and a total of one million meals delivered in 2018, Yuso is proud to present more than just positive results with Just Eat.

In Ireland, for example, the end-to-end delivery time has been reduced by more than 20% thanks to the elimination of any manual action in the process of order assignment.

In Spain, Yuso worked on adapting its optimization algorithms to group orders from the same restaurant, improving driver productivity by almost 30%.

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