COMMUNE Turnkey dispatch solution for demand-responsive public transport

Discover our solution designed for demand-responsive transport.

Use Cases

Airports and Shuttles

School Buses and PRM

University campuses and Companies

demand-responsive rural transport

Off-peak transportation in urban areas

Book Offer multi-channel ride booking to your customers

A Uber-like booking experience through a whitelabel app

Choice of departure and arrival addresses, number of passengers and hour of departure

Automatic notification by push, email or SMS about vehicle arrival

View of vehicle geolocation in real time and update of estimated arrival time

Possible integration to your MaaS app

Booking from a computer in a few clicks

Automatic notification by email or SMS about vehicle arrival

A interface designed for operators, for customers who don’t get access to digital tools

Simplified input thanks to a user-friendly interface and keyboard smart shortcuts

Customer account management

Drive Intuitive and easy app to facilitate your drivers’ work

Detailed view of vehicle’s route and intermediate stops

Real time notification if the next intermediate stop has been changed

Automatic status change depending on driver geolocation

Chat to contact operators and inform them in case of incident or significant delay

Integration of Waze for navigation

Dispatch A powerful optimization engine, based on state-of-the-art algorithms

Ride pooling between several passengers to optimize vehicles’ route

Ability to mix advance and immediate ride booking thanks to dynamic planning construction

Suggestion of alternative pick up times to passenger if no vehicle is available at the initial requested time

Route and estimated arrival time calculation based on traffic conditions

Monitor A clear back office to monitor your operations

Dispatch supervision/monitoring in real time

A map showing all vehicles in real time, with delay or head start

Automatic ride redispatch in case of delay

Alert system and automatic notification enabling to anticipate operational issues

After sales management

Access to ride history Connexion to CRM tools

Drivers’ management

Operational and administrative drivers’ management: planning creation, schedule management, connexion time checking

Performance analysis

Key performance indicators visualization, daily or weekly statistics Data export about customers and ride details

Plan Accept rides according to your optimization criteria

Manual or automatic location of pick-up and drop-off points

Draw zones of service by selecting several points

Creation of circulation corridors between zones

Defining availability time slots and the type of rides which are authorized

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